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As an AI biotechnology company, Owkin’s main mission is to use AI to find the right treatment for every patient. To achieve this, Owkin conducts research projects and processes copies of a subset of patients' pseudonymized or anonymized data. This data is preselected by Owkin’s partners to align with the inclusion and exclusion criteria of our research projects.

This data includes patient health data collected by our partners (academic, public, and research institutions, or private laboratories) during patient care and clinical trials. Owkin can reuse your data for secondary research purposes if your opposition hasn’t been expressed as written consent, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Owkin is aware that your health data and more generally your personal data, even if pseudonymized (the deletion of any direct identifying information), should be processed as sensible data and that you have a right to know for which research purposes your data is being processed. That is why Owkin has decided to implement more transparency on the use of your data for its research purposes in particular by creating this webpage dedicated to explaining how your personal data is used for Owkin’s research purposes as a Data Controller.

For any research project performed by Owkin as a Data Controller using your data, Owkin commits to the following:

Personal data
Non-direct identifying information

To process personal data that has been pseudonymized prior to access by Owkin employees. Owkin never accesses the table that links your identifying information (that is handled by the centers/institutions where you were treated) to the code that has been used by Owkin’s partner to pseudonymize your data.

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Data privacy compliance

To process personal data and health data in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and in particular with GDPR. Additionally, as Owkin France is Data Controller when processing your personal health data for its research projects, it shall also comply with French law that is one of the most protective laws for data subject rights in Europe.

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Data location

To process personal data, when technically possible, remotely from the location that has been chosen by its research partners to minimize data transfer and protect the integrity of the data. When processing health data as Data Controller in situations where on-premises location of the data is not possible, Owkin uses Cloud solution providers with its servers located in a country member of the European Union.

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EU processing

To limit, when technically possible, the processing of European citizens’ data to its European employees and to limit the subcontracting data processing activities to service providers located in countries that are members of the European Union.

Ethical and scientific validation

To make sure that the project performed by Owkin and in particular the scientific protocol has been scientifically, and when required, ethically validated.

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Privacy by design

To guarantee that no personal data is embedded in Owkin’s tools and that in no event will its clients, partners and service providers try to re-identify the patients in the event that, with new technologies, it is technically possible.

Research projects

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