Transparency reports

Transparency regarding Owkin’s relationships with Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organizations

Owkin, as a Medical Device Manufacturer, commits to a high level of ethical business practice while collaborating with Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) or Healthcare Organisations (HCOs). As such, payments (also called transfer of values, “TOVs”) towards HCPs and HCOs are made to adequately compensate for the services they render in different collaborations.

Transparent relations between companies, healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations are a guarantee of confidence in the sector. For this reason, several countries have incorporated provisions into their regulations concerning the transparency of links of interest applicable to the healthcare industry. As a worldwide healthcare player, Owkin complies with all applicable regulations governing its relations with HCPs and HCOs. Furthermore, several trade associations such as Medtech Europe, have established industry codes which bound their members to high industry standards for transparency of interactions with HCPs/HCOs (such as The MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice).

Although Owkin is not subject to such codes as not member of a trade association, the company may also be required through contractual obligations from pharmaceutical clients to disclose TOVs executed on their behalf and remains keen to increase transparency in view of applicable laws and industry standards, while complying with data privacy obligations.

Those disclosures are made at least annually in each country where Owkin operates, when there are ToVs to be reported under applicable laws or guidelines provided by national industry code.

Methodological Notes provided for each country at the same time as the disclosures further describe the process followed by Owkin in order to compile the data hereby disclosed.