Our approach

drug discovery

We combine cutting-edge machine learning and biology to advance drug discovery

What we do

We develop state-of-the-art, AI-based computational technologies from rich, multimodal patient data to discover new treatments


Drug discovery is becoming slower and more expensive over time

Median cost of bringing an oncology or immunology drug to market
Time to bring a drug to market
High attrition rate results in only 10% of drugs reaching the market


We need better drugs, better targets, and better clinical trials

Challenge 1

Targets don’t convert to drugs

  • Patient data is underutilized
  • Pre-clinical models lack translatability to human biology
  • Disease heterogeneity is not captured

Challenge 2

Drug responses vary between patients

  • Lack understanding of tumor microenvironment
  • Lack understanding of drug mechanism of action
  • Incomplete knowledge of clinical heterogeneity

Owkin's solution

AI engines to revolutionize drug discovery

We have pioneered two new drug discovery engines to deliver new drug targets and optimize drug positioning. Powered by AI, applied to multimodal patient data and prior knowledge, they are designed to capture causal evidence and gain a multiscale understanding of complex patient biology and treatment outcome heterogeneity.
How does Owkin’s AI-powered drug discovery work?  [03:25]
"I'm excited about the Sanofi and Owkin collaboration and its potential to transform drug discovery. Owkin's data network and AI capabilities combined with Sanofi's expertise, can potentially lead to new treatments and better patient outcomes."
Frank Nestle
Global Head of Research and Chief Scientific Officer, Sanofi