AI target discovery engine

Applying AI to multimodal patient data to identify the best candidate targets in a given indication
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Targets don’t convert to drugs

  • Patient data is underutilized
  • Pre-clinical models lack translatability to human biology
  • Disease heterogeneity is not captured

Owkin’s TargetMATCH

  • TargetMATCH is a suite of end-to-end tools that uses multimodal patient data as the input, and outputs the top candidate targets and paired patient subgroups that would most benefit from therapeutic intervention on these targets
Learn how TargetMATCH identifies the best drug targets and pairs them with patient subgroups  [2:37]

AI target discovery

Why work with Owkin?

Patient data
Access to patient data and samples

Access to continuously enriched, up-to-date patient data representing the latest standard-of-care.

Multimodal AI
Multimodal AI

Experts in multimodal AI analysis to capture disease heterogeneity and the tumor microenvironment for a multiscale understanding of inter-patient response variability.

Interpretable AI
Interpretable AI

Allows medical experts to critically examine the model rationale and generate new hypotheses to continuously improve models.

Work with us
Owkin has delivered 3 new AI-discovered candidate drug targets to Sanofi

Proven track record

Owkin has delivered 3 new AI-discovered candidate drug targets to Sanofi

"I'm excited about the Sanofi and Owkin collaboration and its potential to transform drug discovery. Owkin's data network and AI capabilities combined with Sanofi's expertise, can potentially lead to new treatments and better patient outcomes."
Frank Nestle
Global Head of Research and Chief Scientific Officer, Sanofi