Early career research fellowship

We are launching an exciting opportunity for early career researchers to work with Owkin to incorporate cutting-edge AI in their research.

We are looking for the next generation of AI-powered medical researchers who work in cancer, inflammation/ immunology and cardiovascular health to join our community.

Beta access to AI tools/models

Access to Owkin’s proprietary models to co-create new research avenues and unlock your publication potential.

Symposium support

Apply to Owkin to co-host a symposium in your field to bring early career researchers together to collaborate on projects.

Exclusive content 

Monthly newsletters and access to Owkin’s latest data science and machine learning tools.

Discover the benefits of working with Owkin  [01:57]

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"Owkin knows AI better than almost anybody else in the world and working with them at their best is an incredible opportunity. We are now approaching problems in our in-house projects in a different way because of what we've learned through Owkin."
Charlotte Spencer
CRUK Clinical Research Fellow at the Francis Crick Institute