Press release
February 16, 2023

Leading AI medical innovator Sean Khozin joins Owkin as an impact advisor

As an Impact Advisor, Dr Khozin will help turbocharge the AI biotech company’s efforts to discover and develop new drugs and diagnostics at scale. He will enhance Owkin’s work with United States-based medical centres, increase the impact of Owkin’s AI diagnostics in the US, and increase Owkin’s overall footprint in the US.

Dr Khozin was most recently CEO of CancerLinQ and Executive Vice President of American Society of Clinical Oncology. Prior to this, he was Global Head of Data Strategy and Data Science Innovation at Janssen R&D, Johnson & Johnson. He also led the FDA Oncology Center of Excellence’s bioinformatics, regulatory science, and clinical trial innovation efforts and was the founding Executive Director of Information Exchange and Data Transformation (INFORMED), the FDA’s first data science and technology incubator. Before working for the federal government, Dr Khozin was co-founder of Hello Health, an integrated telemedicine healthtech company, and founder and Chief Medical Officer of SKMD, a multidisciplinary network of clinics.

Sean Khozin MD, Impact Advisor at Owkin, said:

The possibilities offered by AI in the field of biomedicine are nothing short of extraordinary, and companies like Owkin are leading the charge in this transformative revolution.
Owkin’s pioneering approach to AI built upon a foundation of privacy preservation and responsible data sharing ensures secure and ethical handling of patient information. By combining this innovative data infrastructure with its unrivaled expertise in AI, Owkin is pushing the boundaries of precision drug discovery and development, setting a new standard in the industry.
With its forward-thinking approach, Owkin is poised to have a significant impact on the lives of millions and bring about a brighter future for precision medicine.

Thomas Clozel MD, Co-founder and CEO at Owkin, said:

Owkin is integrating human and artificial intelligence to discover and develop new drugs and diagnostics. Dr. Khozin’s unrivaled experience at the top of healthcare, pharma and regulation will help Owkin’s first-in-class diagnostics and industry-leading drug discovery and development efforts to reach more doctors, researchers and patients.
We are delighted to be working with him and that Owkin continues to attract the best minds from across the medical world.
About Owkin

Owkin is the first full-stack TechBio company on a mission to understand complex biology and derive new multimodal biomarkers through AI.

We identify precision therapeutics, de-risk and accelerate clinical trials and develop diagnostics using AI trained on world-class patient data through privacy-enhancing technologies. We merge wet lab experiments with advanced AI techniques to create a powerful feedback loop for accelerated discovery and innovation in oncology, cardiovascular, immunity and inflammation.

Owkin also founded MOSAIC, the world’s largest spatial multi-omics atlas for cancer research across seven cancer indications.

Owkin has raised over $300 million through investments from leading biopharma companies, including Sanofi and BMS, and venture funds like Fidelity, GV and Bpifrance, among others.